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Cynthia working in her art studio

"So Many Angels" Painting - She did one for the 2007 Fundraiser in Savanah, Georgia

Cynthia finished the painting for the Children's Hospital in Phoenix which is 4ft x 8ft

Angels and a Piñata 40 x 60 Acrylic and Ink


Cynthia graduated from the MFA Program at the University of Arizona.

Her focus was on Visual Communications in Illustration. She graduation April 2004 with honors. She also has a BA in French and History, a BA in Art History and a BFA in Fine Arts. She is now working on a degree in digital arts.

Cynthia is illustrating children's books and currently writing them as well.

Cynthia is always working on commissioned pieces and new works of art for the galleries and selected exhibitions she is in.

She finished twelve three dimensional angels for a special event for the at the University of Arizona for the Medici Circle to raise scholarship funds for the College of Art. All of these angels had an individual theme representing the disciplines of the various fine art departments in the Art College.

Cynthia has worked with the cancer children at the Steele Memorial Hospital, teaching the children watercolor painting so they can create Holiday Cards to sell and in turn this will raise money for the Cancer Research Center.


Turquoise Angelâ„¢ Calendar. She does her own publishing and printing and for many years. She has created the Turquoise Angel Calendar and Cards. She has had a book published as well. It is a book about her art and many wonderful paintings.

She also enjoys learning about modern artists works like Thomas Kinkade and Andy Lakey.Her favoriteartists who have passed on are Chegal, Diego Riverra, and Henri Matisse.

Cynthia designed and created and designher own website which is constantly being updated.
She does a tremendous amount of graphic design with her Macintosh Computer and is working with all the new CS3 Adobe Software. She uses, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Microsoft Word, Digital Cameras, Quark, and others.


She recently did a web page for the events in Tubac - and one for the Santa Cruz County Republicans -, please visit these sites and learn more about the area.

Her work is exhibited internationally and she travels all over the world with her art.

Cynthia never gets tired of art and spends 99% of her time creating and thinking up new ideas and designs for future projects

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